Klemen Žagar

Teacher of the AEQ method®

By raising emotional-physical maturity to higher quality in health, sports, relationships and work.

How to achieve wellbeing by learning through AEQ method®?

Society is currently oriented in a direction that demands every individual to be always present and available for everything that’s facing him. What is not considered here is the fact, that most human beings are not competent in an emotional and physical state to be able to deal well with such a fast lifestyle.

By being inadequate for such a fast and high-demanding environment, a person will automatically protect themself by increasing muscle tension, and at the same time divert his awareness outwards - away from the body, towards the environment, that is because of its highly stimulating nature, perceived as the most important asset to take care of.

As the detachment gap increased, it reduces the level of free movement and creative thinking. The body responds with a warning signal in terms of pain and anxiety, that we feel as unpleasant. Permanent disregard of these warnings represents excessive stress for the organism, to which it is forced to respond by activating the emergency brake. The body triggers the emergency brake by disabling itself in ways such as chronic pains, diseases, and injuries. This way it forcibly distracts us from acting on habits that throw us into imbalance.

To manage chronic problems, Aleš Ernst developed the AEQ method®. This method guides you through the educational process where we safely, gently, and reasonably eliminate chronic pain causes in the long run. By learning, we raise our emotional and physical maturity, for which nature rewards us with a sense of comfort and lightness.