About me

My name is Klemen. I currently live in a vineyard cottage in Ljubno, in the middle of the Dolenjska’s vineyard hills and the surrounding forests. This is my space where I am currently exploring and practicing with motives of well-being.

Most of the space and time I’m sharing with my wife Klara and our dog Picnic ♥

In my early years, I developed a strong fear of unpredictability and it became a reason that I preferred to spend most of my youth locked in a room rather than exploring the world. Spending time in the company of other people made me anxious, burdened, and tired. This also had a strong enough impact on the choice of my original profession, as I retreated to the virtual world of computers before the outside world and became a programmer. I felt good in this world because I was able to change the unpredictable into the predictable.

Prolonged closed sitting and staring at the screen began to cause me problems on both a physical and mental level. The growing pain in my neck and back and the periods of depression reminded me that escaping from the real world is not the way of life that mother nature envisioned. That’s when I took the reins and decided to start looking for a way of life that is more in tune with the laws of nature.

I found the first major discoveries in this field when I started training martial arts Wing Chun in Ljubljana under the guidance of Frank Häberlin. He taught me a lot of knowledge in the field of movement economics, but I also learned about the importance of regular practice, relaxation and self-defense techniques. During this period, I became less and less interested in working behind a computer and increasingly reducing the feelings of alienation towards my own body. I became interested in people who have managed to adapt ancient life methods to work in the current - a completely different way of life.

The desire for creativity and movement led me to the mover Karim. I came to him with a desire to improve my motor skills, but I got a lot more. Karim was the first to introduce me to the AEQ method, and already during the first meeting, I felt the value of his practice. I inquired about the origin of the method and went to Aleš Ernst - founder of the AEQ method.

I chose the AEQ method because it represents the most sophisticated and comprehensive system of tools for raising emotional and physical maturity, which are necessary for the sustainable achievement of holistic change for the better. I started to be interested in this method primarily because of resolving my own imbalance, and since 2020 I have been passing on knowledge to those who are willing to change something for the better, but they fail to do so due to a lack of knowledge and tools.

My vision is to keep finding creative and efficient ways of resolving Sensory-motor amnesia.

Klemen, Klara & Piknik
Klemen, Klara in Piknik

Educating for AEQ Breathing® level 1
Educating for AEQ Breathing® level 1

Guiding a somatic exercise as part of education for AEQ method level 1
Guiding a somatic exercise as part of education for AEQ method level 1