AEQ method®

What is the AEQ method?

AEQ method is an educational psychosomatic process where you permanently resolve chronic pain causes in a safe, gentle, and reasonable way.

The method is teaching you that in moments of traumatic experience we protect ourselves by instinctively tensing our muscles to harden the layer between us and the environment.

And the tension stays to serve as our protection in the future.

But being always in tension comes at a cost. With AEQ practice you learn how keeping muscles in a permanently contracted state makes your body very inefficient and prone to the development of chronic pain or other chronic conditions.

Then you’ll learn how to regain control over your tense muscles so that the mind gets closer with the body. Restoring a good mind-body connection unlocks access to new ways of movements and sensations.

Without the constant muscle armor your thinking gets more creative, sensations more realistic and movements more graceful.

And that’s how AEQ practice gradually raises the integrity that gets you in control of your chronic conditions.

Who is the AEQ method for?

It’s meant for everyone who doesn’t have an understanding of how they got in touch with chronic conditions (pain, disease, failures, exhaustion, …) and is willing to discover his/her shortcomings in current lifestyle and then gradually substitute those with more efficient ways.

How does pain management work with the AEQ method?

Theoretical work
When you are learning through the AEQ method, you will first work on your way to gain the fundamentals in theoretical knowledge. This includes reading articles, that make you familiar with the fundamental concepts of the AEQ method.

For parts where you’re in doubt or you feel there is a missing link, you can work on it by opening the debate with your AEQ teacher.

Practical work
When your theoretical understanding reaches a satisfying level, you’ll advance to a practice that is actively involving your body. Here is where you’ll feel how deeply can AEQ transform your way of being. This is called AEQ practice.

How does it look? You start by getting in a lying, sitting, or standing position depending on the type of exercise. Then the teacher guides you through a slow and gentle somatic exercise where you try to consciously propagate the instructions further down into the body so that you transform the command into a movement.

During the exercise, you pay attention to how well you perceive the current state in your body and repeatedly check how accurate are the final movements in accordance with the instructions.

Sooner or later you’ll have to face the music
For people with chronic problems is common that prior to chronic problems they developed a condition called Sensory-motor amnesia (SMA). This illustrates the alienation of the mind from the body, so during the performance of AEQ exercises, there are situations when due to irregularities in the connections of the sensory-motor feedback loop there are obvious differences between the instructions and the execution of the movement.

After each exercise, the client is better acquainted with the irregularities, for which, with the help of the teacher, he/she finds appropriate solutions at the level of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Every time we put in order what is disordered, we reduce the need for tension and make it easier for the body to achieve balance (homeostasis).

In search of the balance…
Achieving balance on a regular basis is a very fundamental functioning of our organism. At these moments, the body goes into a state of homeostasis, which triggers a parasympathetic nervous system. And that’s when our nervous system starts the process of regeneration and resting.

You can imagine how regeneration helps turn your body back to a state of optimal functioning. This, in turn, has a positive effect on reducing physical and mental ailments.

But not without any changes
It should be noted that such an improvement does not happen without doing active conscious changes to your existing functioning, thinking, feeling, and expressing. And that the introduction of new ways brings with it all the inconveniences that we have avoided and kept in ourselves all this time due to the tension of the body.

With regular exercise, you raise your emotional and physical integrity in order to prepare your mind and body to function in new conditions. Thereupon you perceive the same situations differently, and you react to them differently. In situations where you used to be frightened or numb or run away, you will feel that this time the body is giving you the support you need to resolve the situation you’re in.

That’s what the body is supposed to do if you nurture it and keep it high on your priority list. It gives you stability and strength, so you don’t run away from these same fears. Furthermore, you show yourself and others that you have the power to constructively deal with situations that require high competence in putting them in order.

Why you can’t fully enjoy without taking any responsibility
In eliminating Sensory-motor amnesia, there is an improvement not only in reducing pain but also in feeling greater pleasure.

For a good life, it is essential that we frequently experience pleasant events and at the same time allow the body to bring pleasure in all its parts.

Pleasure cannot be fully realized in a tense body, as overly tense parts of the body do not allow adequate flow and pulsation. Therefore, it is considered that we increase the experience of pleasure only if by raising the emotional maturity we discover the reasons for retaining certain feelings and then resolving such retention.

Considering the influence of the subconscious on feeling and movement
If the subconscious has been accustomed in the past due to helplessness to the environment being a threat to us, we gain more positive experiences by increasing our emotional and motor skills. After some time, the subconscious becomes accustomed to a more realistic perception of the environment. Among other things, you will notice that in an environment where there is no real danger, your subconscious will no longer create panic, but will allow the body to relax and enjoy.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that we cannot feel real pleasure if, on the other hand, we avoid dealing with unpleasant feelings.


All that can be learned by learning the AEQ method cannot be fully summed up in words alone. Try to be aware that reading this description gives you only a partial - basic insight into the main purpose, principles, and effects of the AEQ method.

A comprehensive experience can be obtained in direct contact with the method.

Next step
If you feel that you need a change in your life and you are interested in the above-mentioned concepts, you have the opportunity to book an appointment with me for an individual lesson on the AEQ method.

You can book the appointment here.

Common questions when you are getting familiar with the AEQ method

Who is the founder of the AEQ method?

The AEQ method was developed by Aleš Ernst, to put all his discoveries from his works as a clinical somatic therapist under the name AEQ.

A more detailed story about the author can be found on the official AEQ Method website.

What does the acronym AEQ mean?

The name AEQ comes from the Latin word aequitas and represents the concept of justice, equality, harmony, symmetry, or fairness.

Can AEQ solve my chronic problems?

From my experience so far and the experience of other AEQ teachers, it has been shown that the method mainly or eliminates the causes of:

  • breathing problems (asthma, sleep apnea, hyperventilation)

  • spine problems (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, disc herniation)

  • insomnia

  • allergies

  • stomach problems

  • migraines

  • worn joints

  • excessive rotation of the feet (pronation, supination)

  • inflammation of the skin (rash)

  • speech problems

  • exhaustion / burnout

  • anxiety

  • prolonged depression

  • lack of creativity

  • problems with taking responsibility

If your symptoms are severe, there is no doubt that consultation is needed beforehand to see how if I'm skilled enough for such a condition.

In cases when I identify that you need a more specialized treatment I can help you find a higher level AEQ teacher who has more experience in relieving symptoms of this type.

If you need a consultation, contact me by clicking here.