Where to start?

All the steps, that you're recommended to follow to become great at resolving chronic pain and other chronic conditions through AEQ method®

Step 1: Examine all the freely available material

The AEQ method is still very new compared to other somatic approaches. Therefore, it’s expected that you are not yet fully aware of what is the AEQ method based on and how learning helps you to eliminate chronically present abnormalities in the functioning of the mind and body.

However, if you have not heard of the method, I recommend that you start studying freely available material, where a presentation of the basic principles of the AEQ method is available in written, video, or audio form.

With new information, you’ll be able to make an opinion on whether you find this approach beneficial.

My introduction articles:

What is AEQ method?

Currently, most of my articles are written only in the Slovenian language. A few of them are already in the process of translation to English.

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List of articles by others:

Pain - Friend or foe? (written Aleš Ernst)

Video content:

About AEQ method part 1 (AIDEA video podcast with English subtitles)
About AEQ method part 2 (AIDEA audio podcast with English subtitles)
About AEQ method part 3 (AIDEA video podcast with English subtitles)

Step 2: contact teacher of the AEQ method

By studying articles or viewing podcasts, you get familiar with fundamental concepts of the AEQ method. But, you cannot expect, that reading or watching videos alone cannot give you sufficient depth of understanding. And because the body is not actively involved in this process, there is no chance, that you will achieve any sustainable change.

However, the material is a perfect introduction to the beginning of active learning with me.

If you want to learn from me, I have the following way of education:

Individual learning - 90 minutes
Live or online sessions (Zoom video call)

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30 days online program
I will also soon be offering learning over 30 and 60 day online programs. The program includes a 3-hour introductory lecture and answering questions from participants, followed by a 6-week daily AEQ practice (20 minutes). Before and after the exercise, there is time for questions and answers.

The online program offers the best way to consistently and comprehensively identify and eliminate irregularities in your sensations, beliefs, and actions while always having access to the help of an AEQ teacher.

The first 30-day program will start as soon as there are enough participants to form a class. If you want to be informed about the upcoming program in time, enter your email address in the field below.

Step 3: Focus on solving conditions in a specific area

There is a great possibility that, due to your interests, you are ready to regulate certain areas with higher priority than others. Especially if the improved performance in this area brings you lots of benefits.

On this kind of lesson, I can pass on to you the knowledge that makes you better at solving specific chronic conditions that prevent you from achieving the same or better results effectively and more enjoyably. I currently offer focused learning in the areas of:

  • Breathing
  • Recreational and professional sport
  • Health (chronic pain management)

More information

Introductory consultation - 60 minutes
In case you have any open questions before the start, I offer the possibility of an introductory consultation.

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